Paragliding in Dharamshala

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Paragliding In Dharamshala Overview

Paragliding is the recreational and competitive adventure sport of flying par gliders. It is one of the most exciting adventures that can be done in Dharamsala. It’s one of the unique experiences that you will ever have in your life. During the paragliding session in Dharamsala witness an amazing bird eye view of the valley from the takeoff site, Indrunag at the height of 1700 meters above the sea level. The landing site is Badol which is 6 km from the take off site, where you will be provided with a certified and experienced glider. The glider will instruct you about the guidelines and safety measures that need to be followed.  
Paragliding in Dharamshala - Manu Adventures India

About The Activity:

  • Take off Site Location: Indrunag
  • Landing site Location: Badol
  • Fly Time: 8:30 – 5 pm (Depends on the weather)
  • Max Weight: 80Kg- 85Kg
  • Minimum Weight 15Kg
  • Cost:  Rs 3000 per person including GoPro
  • Duration: 10- 12 mins.
  • Insurance is included.
  • Safety Gears included
  • Certified Glider is included.
  • Best season: March to June then September mid to November.
  • Reach the activity location 15 minutes before your scheduled time to begin the spine-chilling adventure.
  • Enjoy paragliding in Dhauladhar & Shivalik Himalayan ranges.
  • Fly at a height of 5200 feet from sea level and witness mesmerizing views.
  • You will be able to get a 360-degrees view of beautiful landscapes including Pong Dam and Green Tea gardens.
  • Safety equipment and certified pilot are the common inclusions of paragliding in Dharamshala.
  • The participant can choose the package as per their choice- with video or without video.
Paragliding in Dharamshala - Manu Adventures India

How To Reach?

The activity location is in Indrunag, Dharamshala and one can access the location using the public as well as a private mode of transportation. The exact location of the activity will be conveyed to you after your booking has been confirmed.

  • Nearest Airport: Kangra Airport is the nearest airport situated at a distance of 13.4 km from Dharamshala and can be reached via public/ private transportation in approximately 30 minutes. Domestic flights from major cities are available to reach Kangra.
  • Nearest Railway Station: Pathankot Railway station is the nearest railway station situated at a distance of 85.5 km from Dharamshala and can be reached via public/ private transportation in approximately 2.5 hours. Trains from major cities are available to reach Pathankot.


  • Take-off from a mountain cliff & fly high in the sky at a whopping altitude of 5200 ft in Dharamshala.

  • Enjoy 360-degree aerial views on the adventurous flight safely with a certified pilot & instructor.

  • Witness views of Pong Dam, Green Tea gardens, Dhauladhar & Shivalik Himalayan ranges.

  • Treasure your enthralling paragliding experience with a video of the experience, taken at the time of the activity.

Must Know Before You Visit Dharamsala

  • Ensure etiquette while visiting monasteries, as photography and visitation are restricted in some areas.
  • If you’re trekking, carry your own water during the trek. You might not get the opportunity to refill your water stock on the way.
Location: Dharamsala India Population: 19540
Paragliding in Dharamshala - Manu Adventures India
21°C Feels like 21°C
1012hPa 50% 1% 4m/s 230deg

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FAQs :- Paragliding in Dharamshala

1. Is paragliding in Dharamshala safe?

Yes, paragliding in Dharamshala is considered safe when done with certified and experienced pilots.

2. What is the best time of year to go paragliding in Dharamshala?

The best time for paragliding in Dharamshala is typically from September to June, avoiding the monsoon season.

3. How long does a paragliding session in Dharamshala usually last?

A typical paragliding session in Dharamshala lasts around 15-30 minutes, depending on weather conditions.

4. What should I wear for paragliding in Dharamshala?

It is recommended to wear comfortable clothing and closed-toe shoes suitable for outdoor activities.

5. Can beginners participate in paragliding in Dharamshala?

Yes, beginners can participate in paragliding in Dharamshala by opting for tandem flights with experienced pilots.

6. Are there any weight restrictions for paragliding in Dharamshala?

Yes, weight restrictions may apply for paragliding in Dharamshala, so it's best to inquire with the paragliding company beforehand.

7. How high do you fly during a paragliding session in Dharamshala?

Paragliding altitudes in Dharamshala can vary, but typical flights can reach heights of 1500 to 2000 meters above sea level.

8. What is the cost of paragliding in Dharamshala?

The cost of paragliding in Dharamshala varies depending on the duration of the flight and any additional services included, but prices generally start around INR 2500 t0 3000

9. Are there any age restrictions for paragliding in Dharamshala?

There may be age restrictions for paragliding in Dharamshala, with children under a certain age requiring parental consent or supervision.

10. What are some safety tips to keep in mind while paragliding in Dharamshala?

Some safety tips include following the instructions of the pilot, checking equipment thoroughly, and avoiding flying in adverse weather conditions.

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