Cafés in Kasol

Moon dance Café:

Moon Dance café is one of the favorite among the backpacker community. It has a nice artistic interior, excellent service and more than amazing food. Located near the Kasol market bridge, the café is known for serving Mexican, Italian, Israeli and Indian cuisines. The trance like ambience here perfectly complements its trippy vibe and although this one is little expensive but it’s worth the experience. One of the best place to try crepes and waffles. Live music is played on most of the evenings, and indoor and outdoor seating options are also available.

Jim Morrison Café:

Another one of the best cafes in Kasol, Jim Morrison café offers a literal artsy vibe, eclectic but pleasant surroundings; it is the ultimate chill zone of Kasol. If you are a hardcore classic rock fan then you will love Jim Morrison Café. Named after the American rock Legend Jim Morrison, the café is located on the secluded uphill and boasts of cool graffiti, awesome views of the hills and of course amazing food, serving Mexcian, Russian and Italian food. With an option of outdoor seating and indoor seating you can choose the place to sit and enjoy your delicious food. Must try items on the menu include Shakes, Waffles and finger food.

Evergreen Kasol:

The every green café is one of the oldest and most famous cafe in Kasol. Evergreen café serves delectable Israeli, Middle Eastern, Italian, and Indian Food. It is easy to find this café due to the convenient location. Enjoy good crepes, brownies, and ice cream at Evergreen café when you visit it. The café offers modern and stylish interiors with a warm and inviting atmosphere. The menu offers a variety of dishes from classic favorites to innovative creations. The evergreen café is a perfect place to enjoy a delicious meal with family and friends. Plus they also prepare gluten free meals on request.

Freedom Café:

The Freedom Café is always bustling this si also one of the cafes that servers the client around the clock and is well known amongst tourist and locals alike. The breakfast here is must try for it famed for its masala chai and coffee. Situated uphill from the Kasol main road, Freedom café provides round the clock service. Offering a bend of tranquil and trippy music, this café has gained a reputation for offering an excellent dining experience. Also, as a part of the Pirates of Parvati community this quaint little café often hosts music nights that continue late into the night.

Café Sunshine:

Café Sunshine ia a great place to enjoy your meal in the laid back environment. All time favorite of tourist and locals, Sunshine café is located by the riverside and offers beautiful views of the valley. The café sits at the end of the hike and is perhaps the only café in Kasol where you can pamper yourself with a massage by professional masseurs. The views and sound of River Parvati flowing ferociously can be witnessed while relishing a hot cup of coffee and tune sandwich. Chinese and Indian food are provided at this café, like good trout, fish masala and lemon chicken are simply amazing. If you have a sweet tooth then not to miss the banana pancakes.

River view Café:

The River View café is a casual dining in outlet located in the heart of the city. It offers a wide variety of dishes from North Indian , Chinese and continental cuisines. The ambience of the café is warm and inviting with its cozy seating and the beautiful view of the river. Right form offering a menu with delicious quick bites to amazing lavish feast, this café Kasol caters to every taste and need. Visit this café to enjoy a scrumptious continental breakfast with your friends or family emmbers.

Buddha Place:

When in Kasol, follow the Buddha and you shall not be disappointed. This one is a quaint café located near the Parvati River and is one of the best places for people who want a meal with a view. The café is mainly famous for its artistic interior and wall arts with amazing all day long activities you can do here. Although it has limited seating space and limited food options, but the place offers mesmerizing views of Parvati Valley outside the window. The best meals here are the all time favorite Maggie,, chai and coffee. It is the best place for back packers who loves the mountain view. You can only feel the vibe by just visiting here.

Stone Garden Café:

Stone garden café is a café specializing in Israeli food and great music. One of the most chilled out cafes in Kasol, this one overlooks all the action on the main street but also has space for live music. Popular amongst the tourist, especially foreigners this one serves excellent Israeli food and bakery products. The quirky paintings embellishing the walls will have you gawking at them all the time. Coming to their food, this café whips up some of the best Himalayan trout fish, dhido, and momos. Musicians play live in the evening, and the terrific service is what makes it the talk of the town.

Off Limits Coffee:

Off limits coffee is India’s first hemp coffee shop that serves hemp infused food. Located by the banks of the Parvati River, this lovely café is one of the top choices when looking to enjoy good food with beautiful views.

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