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Dharamshala Top Attractions

Indarahar Pass Trek

Indrahar Pass Trek

The distinctly varying altitudes of the trekking trail to this mesmerizing location allow you to witness the scenic beauty of various forest ranges.
Triund Day Hike

Laka Glacier Trek

Laka Glacier Trek is another incredibly offbeat and famous trek. The 3 days hike through mountain views, snow and glacier, starts from the colourful and vibrant markets of Mcleodganj.
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SnowLine Trek Dharamshala

Snowline Trek Via Triund Triund trek with the visit to Snowline is like icing on a cake. The main attraction of this trek is the stunning view of the Dhauladhar Range
Triund Day Hike

Triund Day Trek

Triund trek is one of the shortest and easiest Himalayan treks with spectacular scenery and a picturesque view of snow-covered Dhauladhar ranges and Kangra valley.

Triund Trek

Trek through the highest waterfall of Mcleod ganj, the Bhagsunag waterfall. Witness the stunning views of Kangra Valley on one side and other tall snow capped Dhauladhar.
Dalai Lama Trek

Dalai Lama Trek

This is truly the trip of a lifetime. An itinerary like no other, we will also whisk you away to the iconic Taj Mahal, to celebrate the culmination of the tour!

Divine Dharamsala


Indrahar Pass

The distinctly varying altitudes of the trekking trail to this mesmerizing location allow you to witness the scenic beauty of various forest ranges.

Dal Lake

The distinctly varying altitudes of the trekking trail to this mesmerizing location allow you to witness the scenic beauty of various forest ranges.

St. John In The Wilderness

The church of St. John in the wilderness is an old Anglican church situated in the beautiful valley of McLeodganj

Chamunda Devi Temple

Chamunda Devi Temple, or the 'Chamunda Nandikeshwar Dham,' is one of the most prestigious and renowned holy shrines of the Hindus.


"The little Lhasa in India"

Dharamsala is a cool town in the mountains of India. It’s like a mini Tibet! It used to be a fancy place for British people to hang out, but now it’s all about Tibetan culture and the Dalai Lama.

If you’re looking for a chill place to visit for a few days, Dharamshala is perfect. It’s not as busy as McLeodganj, which is right nearby. You can also check out Dharamkot, a cute little village that’s not full of tourists.

Besides the peaceful vibes, Dharamsala is popular for its art, museums, markets, and food. You can also go hiking in McLeodganj, which is super close.

Just like other mountain towns in India, Dharamsala gets really cold in the winter. So, it’s best to visit in the spring or summer to enjoy the Tibetan culture and have a great time in this little Lhasa.


Once upon a time, a powerful dynasty called the Katoch ruled over Dharamshala for about 2,000 years. But then, in 1848, the British took over the town. Later, in 1860, the Gurkhas came to Dharamshala. They were known as the bravest of the brave and their story is closely tied to the town’s history. The Gurkhas were originally soldiers from Nepal who fought in the World Wars for the British. Their bravery in battle is still remembered today, with many places in Dharamshala named after them. The town was a favorite spot for British people from Delhi, who were thinking of making it their summer capital. But a big earthquake in 1905 changed everything, leaving many people dead. Shimla became the new summer capital instead. After the earthquake, the Gurkhas helped rebuild Dharamshala. Some Gurkhas even fought for India’s independence as freedom fighters. One famous Gurkha, Captain Ram Singh Thakur, wrote a patriotic song called “Kadam Kadam Badhaye Ja” that became well-known during the independence struggle.

Tourist places in and around Dharamsala:

Dalai Lama Temple or Tsuglagkhang

Dalai Lama Temple or Tsuglagkhang :

The Dalai Lama Temple, also known as Tsuglagkhang, is a super important Buddhist temple in Mcleodganj, just 2 km away from the main square. This temple is like the home base for His Holiness the Dalai Lama. The vibe at the temple is so peaceful and inviting, drawing in both devoted followers and curious travelers all year round. The Dalai Lama often gives talks here, making it a special place for his followers. The temple is open from sunrise to sunset, so you can come by and soak in the calm atmosphere. Inside, you'll find huge statues of important figures like Avalokiteshvara and Padmasambhava, but the star of the show is a massive Buddha statue sitting up high. There's also a big prayer wheel in the middle of the temple, covered in gold and inscribed with the chant 'Om Mani Padme Hum'. People walk around the pedestal to show respect and spin the wheel for good luck. Right next to the temple is the Tibetan Museum, opened by the Dalai Lama himself in 2000. It's open six days a week and gives you a peek into Tibetan culture and history, including their struggles under Chinese rule. Visiting the Dalai Lama Temple and museum is a truly eye-opening experience that's totally worth your time. You'll learn a lot about Tibetan life and beliefs while you're there.
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Mcleodganj is a super cool place nestled in the Shivalik mountains. It's not just famous for the Dalai Lama Monastery, but also for its awesome culture and crafts that attract tourists from all over the world. Shopping in Mcleodganj is a blast because you can find traditional Tibetan clothes, hats, bags, and shoes. You can also buy Tibetan flags, prayer wheels, and other cool souvenirs. The Mcleodganj square has the city's oldest shop, Nowrojee and Sons, which has been around since 1860. The whole market area is known for its amazing wooden carvings. Jogibara road is another popular shopping spot in Mcleodganj where you can find trendy items mixed with Tibetan style. You can get beautiful handmade jewelry inspired by Tibetan culture, as well as masks, bowls, Thangkas, and more. These items are not only colorful, but also have spiritual and religious meanings. You can buy Buddha statues, prayer wheels, singing bowls, ornaments, paper diaries, and lots of other cool stuff.
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Funky Cafes:

Check out these awesome cafes in Mcleodganj! They have the best food and drinks around. You can get amazing coffee, yummy momos, and thupka, or treat yourself to some delicious cakes and pastries. Hanging out at one of these cafes is a must-do in Mcleodganj. The vibe and the food at these cafes will make your trip even better. Make sure to find the perfect spot to eat. Some popular places to check out are Tibet Kitchen (for Tibetan food fans), Jimmy's Italian Kitchen (for pizza and pasta lovers), Woeser Bakery (for vegan options), and Moonpeak Espresso (for coffee addicts). Enjoy a hot cup of coffee and a tasty meal at one of these cafes to really experience the city.
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Bhagsu Waterfall

Hey there! Have you heard about Bhagsu Waterfall? It's this awesome spot up in the mountains, surrounded by lush greenery and crystal clear pools. People love to visit this place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. The water that flows through the waterfall is even considered holy! It's so powerful and mesmerizing to watch as it cascades down the rocks. The best part is, you can easily walk to the waterfall from the main town, Mcleod ganj, and there's no entry fee to visit. You can spend the whole day exploring the different pools, caves, and hills around the waterfall. It's definitely a must-see attraction in the area!
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Shiva café

If you're ever in Mcleodganj, you have to check out Shiva Café! It's located right by a beautiful waterfall, and it's always packed with people. The laid-back vibe of Mcleodganj has made Shiva Café a popular spot to hang out. The peaceful atmosphere and stunning views of the Bhagsu nag waterfall will make you feel like you're in a dream. The music playing in the background adds to the relaxing experience. Plus, the snacks are delicious and will definitely fill you up. If you love nature, this place is a must-visit!
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St John’s in the wilderness – An elegant church from British Era.

Hey there! If you're ever in McLeod Ganj in Himachal Pradesh, make sure to check out St John's Church in the wilderness. This church is super cool because it was built during the British Era in 1852. It's dedicated to John the Baptist and has a really unique Neo Gothic style. Inside, you'll find beautiful stained glass windows donated by Lady Elgin. There's also a graveyard where British people who passed away in an earthquake in 1905 are buried. The church itself survived the earthquake, except for the bell tower which was destroyed. But don't worry, a new bell was brought from England in 1915 to replace it. The church is only open on Sundays for mass, which is held in English at 10am and in Hindi at 11am. Even though it may not be as grand as churches in other places, St John's Church has a timeless beauty that fits perfectly with the stunning Dhauladhar ranges surrounding it. So next time you're in McLeod Ganj, make sure to stop by and check out this awesome piece of history!
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As you make your way up to the Galu Devi temple, you'll be surrounded by colorful prayer flags and the sound of birds chirping. The path is like a journey through a forest, with amazing views of the valley below. Once you reach the temple, you can stop at the cafe for some yummy noodles and chai while enjoying the scenery. After a break, it's time to head towards Triund meadow. Along the way, you can stop at teashops for a drink and take in the beautiful views of Dharamsala. After a few hours of hiking, you'll reach Triund meadow, where you'll find tents and shacks selling food and drinks to campers and trekkers. Unfortunately, the area has become more crowded with tourists recently, which is impacting the natural beauty of the land.
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Dharamkot is a cool little village in the Himalayas that's known for its hippie vibes and yoga scene. It's the perfect place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The atmosphere here is magical, with a mix of spiritual energy, happy people, and a sense of peace and unity with nature. You'll hear the chirping of birds, feel the breeze rustling through the trees, and catch a whiff of farm animals in the distance. It's a great spot for doing yoga and meditation in the morning, surrounded by stunning views of the Kangra Valley and the Dhauladhar ranges. There's only one road in Dharamkot, leading to the popular Trek and Dine café. From there, it turns into a pathway that's perfect for leisurely walks through the forest to places like Galu Temple, waterfalls, and hiking trails. You can also visit the flag temple, a hidden gem that most tourists don't know about. When it comes to food, Dharamkot has some amazing cafes like Trek and Dine and Moonlight café. Each café has its own specialties, from lasagnas to hummus to the famous Bhagsu Cake. This dessert is a must-try, with a crunchy crust, caramel sauce, and your choice of dark or white chocolate. There are also vegan cafes like Vegan Café and Caterpillar for those with dietary restrictions. Accommodations in Dharamkot are mainly home stays and guest houses, with a few backpacker hostels available. You can easily rent a room with a bathroom and kitchen if you plan on staying longer. While most home stays aren't listed online, you can find a cozy place to stay without any trouble.
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Kareri Lake

Kareri Lake is a cool lake up in the mountains that people love to hike to. In the winter, the lake freezes over, but when the snow melts, it becomes a source of water for a stream. Kareri Lake is a great starting point for hiking adventures in the mountains, like going to Chamba and Bharmour through Minkiani Pass and Baleni Pass. It's a popular spot for trekkers looking for a fun challenge!
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Jalsu Pass Trek

Hey there! Have you heard about the Jalsu Pass Trek? It's a cool path in the Dhauldhar range that connects Kangra Valley and Chamba District. The Gaddi shepherds have been using this trail for ages to go between Kangra and Chamba. The pass is 3450 meters high and has a nice, easy path going north. It's a popular route for the Gaddi tribes. Not many tourists know about this trek, but it's a really unique experience. The best time to go is between April and September, before the rainy season. The valley is full of beautiful flowers during this time, earning its nickname 'Valley of Flowers'. You can start the trek from either Chamba or Kangra side. It's a fun adventure for anyone looking to explore the mountains!
Location: Dharamsala India Population: 19540
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21°C Feels like 20°C
1005hPa 34% 0% 4m/s 42deg

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Must Know Before You Visit Dharamsala

  • Ensure etiquette while visiting monasteries, as photography and visitation are restricted in some areas.
  • If you’re trekking, carry your own water during the trek. You might not get the opportunity to refill your water stock on the way.

FAQs: - Dharamshala

What is Dharamshala?

Dharamshala is a hill station located in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh.

What is the significance of Dharamshala?

Dharamshala is known for its scenic beauty, Tibetan culture, and as the residence of the Dalai Lama.

How did Dharamshala get its name?

The name Dharamshala comes from the Tibetan words 'dharma' meaning spiritual path and 'shala' meaning a place or dwelling.

What is the climate like in Dharamshala?

Dharamshala experiences a subtropical highland climate with cool temperatures and heavy rainfall during the monsoon season.

What are some popular tourist attractions in Dharamshala?

Some popular tourist attractions in Dharamshala include the Tsuglagkhang Complex (Dalai Lama's temple), Bhagsunag Waterfall, Dharamshala Cricket Stadium, and Triund Trek.

What is the main religion practiced in Dharamshala?

The main religion practiced in Dharamshala is Tibetan Buddhism, with many monasteries and temples located in the area.

Is Dharamshala a good place for adventure activities?

Yes, Dharamshala offers a variety of adventure activities such as trekking, paragliding, and rock climbing due to its location in the foothills of the Himalayas.

What is the best time to visit Dharamshala?

The best time to visit Dharamshala is from March to June and September to November when the weather is pleasant and ideal for outdoor activities.

Is Dharamshala easily accessible?

Yes, Dharamshala is easily accessible by road and has its own airport, Gaggal Airport, which connects to major cities in India.

Are there any traditional festivals celebrated in Dharamshala?

Yes, Dharamshala celebrates several traditional festivals such as Losar (Tibetan New Year), Tibetan Opera Festival, and International Himalayan Festival.

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